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About Us

NanoTech Gaming is a non-profit-distributing voluntary association, which aims to provide a safe and structured environment for people who enjoy video gaming to come together and mingle in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere. In doing so reducing social isolation for those who do not have the means in which to come in contact with people who have similar interests to themselves.

Our Services

Here you will find a list of services we provide.

People to Play With

Ever find that you do not have anyone to play games with? Whether you are a casual gamer or the hardcorest of competitive gamers we have what you need! Join our discord and get involved today!


Do you have a social media channel such as Twitch or Youtube? Do you want more people to view your content? Join our discord to get help today!


We are looking to produce Esports teams on multiple platforms and games in the near future. Think you have what it takes to compete with top tier gamers but dont have an organisation behind you? Contact us today to see what can be provided!

Local Event Help

Are you hosting an event that would be relevant to our organisation? Need help to make your event a success? Get in contact with us today and we will see if we can help!


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