NanoTech Gaming were at the London Faceit Major 2018

So we attended the Faceit CS:GO Major and we all had a really good time. You can see some of our highlights from the video but I would like to jot down a few of the bad points here, as a sort of review if you like.

Let’s start off with the VIP tickets and what they gave you. We purchased the VIP tickets which were supposed to make the whole experience a lot better for you as they were over double the money. Each ticket ended up costing £171 Incl. fees.

This was to give us access for the 4 days of the event, access to VIP Seating, A VIP bar, A VIP goody bag and fast lines for signings. So the good points, the queues were heavily reduced for VIP’s which was nice. Not having to stand in the rain for hours was a plus. The VIP goody bag was also nice as it was a proper backpack with some nice items inside.


The bad points, let’s start with the seating.

In what world do drastically cheaper tickets provide access to better seating? This didn’t make any sense to me at all. I even heard a story of a VIP ticket holder trying to get a seat down in the Premium Seats and was told to move along as he wasn’t a Premium ticket holder. So this brings me to my next question. Why, on Thursday and Friday, were the seats not allocated? 4 out of the 7 matches were unallocated seating. Meaning we were sitting rather far back for 2 days of the event.

The VIP bar, although a little quieter with a shorter queue for the bathroom, was still rather expensive. With the exception of a tiny television broadcasting the event from an unused corner, you would never know you were attending a CS:GO event of such high caliber.

Team Signing. Let’s start with, who even did a signing? The lack of communication about who was signing was astounding. If you happened to stumble upon a signing, then great! There was no information provided as to which teams were signing or when. The VIP line for signing (if there was one) was often closed before the signings even started. Not to mention that a member of security told one of our members that there was not even a VIP line at all for one of the caster signings. As well as all of this, even the screen indicating who was signing was often broken.



So, in summary, is the VIP ticket worth the extra £90? Hell no. Here are a few suggestions I would make for an event like this if you host it again FaceIt:

  • Keep Team Signings for VIP Ticket holders ONLY. You can do this in the VIP Lounge instead of the main arena’s entrance.
  • Decorate the event to match the game you are showing. (I don’t mean camo nets and bunkers) I mean have some artwork in the VIP Lounge. Some TV’s broadcasting the stream on the wall of the Merch stand.
  • Have Merch people want to buy!
  • Include some things to do while waiting for the matches to start.


P.S Don’t hold people hostage, suggesting that people cannot leave until the first match starts (Which was 1.5 hours away) that is a dick move.


The NTG Team 🙂




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